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Pitkern Islen Enterprises

Coat of Arms Souvenir

Coat of Arms Souvenir

The Plark on which the crest sits is a genuine Pitcairn Carving made from local wood grown and harvested right here on Pitcairn Island. The crest itself is made overseas and shipped to Pitcairn Island where it is then molded and formed into the local wood. This beautiful souvenir would hang beautifully on your wall measuring approximately 12W x 15Lcm 

With a metal eye screwed into the back of the carving, you can hang it anywhere in your home. All you need is a nail or a screw. This carving is also signed by the very hands of the carver. A 8th Generation of Fletcher Christian, Mutiny on the Bounty. You wouldn't get a more authentic Pitcairn Island carving than this.

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