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Pitkern Islen Enterprises

Dolphin Carving - Wall Hanging

Dolphin Carving - Wall Hanging


Made with three different types of wood all grown and harvested here on Pitcairn Island. 

The Dolphin is approximately 26.5cm L x 13cm W. These measurements are tip to tip.  

Miro Wood -  Is a local wood grown here on Pitcairn Island. The wood bares a reddish color with streaks of black weaving patterns of beauty. 

Pulau/Burau Wood - Is also a local wood grown here on the Island. It is a type of Hibiscus. The Pulau wood is primarily a whiteish colored wood. It often has shades of blue, yellow, green or black running through it. It truly is an amazing type of wood. 

Radiata Pine - Pitcairn Island has many woods grown and harvested, one of the rarest ones is Pine. The Pine isn't a wood that is sought out as much as the Pulau or Miro wood because its such a hard wood to harvest and look after. Its a much more delicate wood. 

With a metal eye screwed into the back of the carving, you can hang it anywhere in your home. All you need is a nail or a screw. This carving is also signed by the very hands of the carver. A 8th Generation of Fletcher Christian, Mutiny on the Bounty. You wouldn't get a more authentic Pitcairn Island carving than this.

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