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Pitkern Islen Enterprises

Pitcairn Islands Sand Baggies

Pitcairn Islands Sand Baggies


If your a sand collector that this is your treat! Sand collected from the Pitcairn Islands - Henderson, Oeno & Pitcairn Island. Hopefully it will not be long before Ducie Island is added to the collection but why wait? Get your very own sand from the Islands delivered to you today. 

The uniqueness of each island makes each bag special. Pitcairn Islands Bounty Bay sand is a more darker colored sand. Henderson is littered with colorful flecks from its sharp reef, break most things that dare cross its barrier. Oeno Island is a finer sand matching the character to the island of which its from. Oeno a dream Island to visit and you could have a very piece of it for yourself! 

Each sand baggie: 6.4cm x 4cm - 50grams

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